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Usuarios Telnet Windows 7

Mensaje por yagami41 el Vie Oct 09, 2009 12:00 pm

Me toca comunicacion con algunos equipos de esta manera pero el 7 no la tiene pre dispuesta de paso si tiene 7 pirata pueda que no les sirvan pero ahi les queda la informacion.

Telnet for Windows Vista & Windows 7
Posted on January 25, 2009 by Sean .
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A while back i noticed that on windows vista there was no telnet, the reason for this is that telnet is not secure and they decided to leave it out because they were trying to update there level of security. In windows 7 its the same thing, they have no telnet.
I have now found out how to get telnet on windows vista and windows 7. It is really simple and is done like this:
• open control panel
• Then go into programs
• Then in programs and features there should be a part that says ‘turn windows features on or off ‘
• Click ‘turn windows features on or off ‘ then on the list that appears simply choose: Telnet Client

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